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Widex Hearing Aids | Abilene, TX

Widex was founded in 1956 and has been at the forefront of hearing aid technology since its inception. The company is known for its commitment to produce world-class hearing solutions through intensive innovation and research.

Widex hearing aids feature a range of advanced technologies, including machine learning devices, artificial intelligence, and Bluetooth connectivity.

To date, Widex is one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturers, recognized in over 100 countries.

Widex Hearing Aids Technology

Widex has been consistently sharing innovative technologies in their hearing aids and here are some of the latest technologies used in Widex hearing aids:

  • PureSound Technology: This is designed to help deliver a more natural and realistic sound experience by mimicking normal hearing, reducing the noise level, and minimizing sound distortion.
  • SoundSense Learn: This is an AI-based technology that supports the hearing aid as it adjusts to the wearer’s listening environment and preferences.
  • Widex Zen: Hearing loss may sometimes manifest with tinnitus. Widex Zen is a tinnitus management program for Widex hearing aids that provides relief from tinnitus by producing soothing sounds and white noise.

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex Moment Sheer

This is Widex’s newest offering, and it is a perfect combination of superior design and audiological excellence. Widex Moment Sheer is recommended for individuals who want a discreet hearing aid that performs exceptionally well in various listening situations.

Widex Moment

Widex Moment lets you enjoy every hearing moment with its powerhouse technologies including ZeroDelay and PureSound. Experience a realistic and natural listening experience and have the freedom to personalize your hearing aid settings without worrying about distortions such as feedback or whistling.

Widex Hearing Aid Apps

  • Widex MOMENT app
  • TONELINK app
  • Widex Zen Tinnitus

Widex Hearing Aid Accessories

  • Widex Sound Assist
  • RC-DEX
  • Widex TV PLAY
  • TV-DEX

Abilene Audiology Co.: Widex Hearing Aids Authorized Provider | Abilene, TX

Abilene Audiology Co. is an authorized provider of Widex hearing aids and accessories, servicing patients of Abilene, TX, and nearby communities.

If you would like to learn more about Widex hearing aids and accessories, or have any concerns or queries about your hearing health, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us today!

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