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ReSound Hearing Aids

Abilene Audiology Co. is an authorized provider of ReSound hearing aids and accessories, servicing patients of Abilene, TX, and nearby communities.

Resound GN started its journey in the hearing aid industry in 1943. It is under the umbrella of The GN Group, one of the world’s leading providers of smart audio solutions.

ReSound has delivered a number of “firsts” in the field of hearing aid solutions including:

  • The first hearing aid with 2.4GHz technology direct connectivity
  • The world’s first “Made for Apple” hearing aid with direct stereo sound streaming

ReSound Hearing Aids Technology

ReSound hearing aids are created with their proprietary Smart Hearing technology along with their unique concept of Organic Hearing.

ReSound aims to provide hearing solutions that emulate the natural hearing process, utilizing the unique ear anatomy to collect sounds and deliver them to the ears ergonomically.

ReSound Technology Awards

  • Big Innovation Award 2020
  • Hearing Technology Innovator Bronze 2020
  • Edison Award 2020
  • Gold Stevie Awards 2020

ReSound Hearing Aids


ReSound Omnia is engineered to automatically adapt and tune in to your listening situation, delivering clear and natural sounds from any angle.

  • Made for hearing in noise
  • Smartly filters and minimizes background noise
  • Comfortable, ergonomic fit
  • Small and elegant design
  • Available in custom-made styles
  • Stream audio and hands-free calls for iPhone and iPad

ReSound ENZO Q

The ReSound Enzo Q is a complete hearing solution designed for severe to profound hearing loss. It is fully customizable to suit your unique hearing requirements and preferences.

  • Can be used with cochlear implants
  • Extensive connectivity and support
  • Automatically adjusts volume and noise settings to comfortable levels
  • Stream directly from iOS and Android™ devices

ReSound ONE

ReSound One offers the truest sense of space and localization with its unique M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear) design and All Access Directionality feature.

  • Speech clarity in wind noise
  • Hands-free calls from iPhone and iPad
  • Rechargable
  • Ultra Focus feature

ReSound Key

ReSound Key allows you to hear sounds clearly with less listening effort. Built on Organic Hearing philosophy, ReSound Key is wired to provide the most natural hearing experience possible.

  • Rechargeable (up to 30 hours power on one charge)
  • Direct streaming from compatible devices
  • Uses the latest connectivity based on Bluetooth® Low Energy.

ReSound Hearing Aid Apps

  • ReSound Smart 3D app
    • intuitive, easy-to-use
    • Easy adjustments on-the-go
  • ReSound Relief app
  • This app is designed to help with tinnitus, providing sound therapy, relaxing exercises, and the latest updates on tinnitus.

ReSound Hearing Aid Accessories

  • ReSound MicroMic
  • ReSound MultiMic
  • ReSound PhoneClip+
  • ReSound TV streamer 2
  • ReSound Remote controls

Abilene Audiology Co. | ReSound Hearing Aids Authorized Provider in Abilene, TX

Abilene Audiology Co. is an authorized provider of ReSound hearing aids and accessories, servicing patients of Abilene, TX, and nearby communities.

If you would like to learn more about ReSound hearing aids and accessories, or have any concerns or queries about your hearing health in general, schedule an appointment with us today!

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