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Dr. Steven Hamlett

Doctor of Audiology

Steven Hamlett, Au.D. is an audiologist providing hearing aids, hearing tests, aural rehabilitation, tinnitus management, and various audiology services in Abilene, TX.

Dr. Hamlett graduated from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. He then completed his Doctorate in Audiology from Lamar University in 2016. Dr. Hamlett is state board licensed, a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology (FAAA), and a member of the Texas Academy of Audiology (TAA).

Dr. Hamlett’s interests include diagnostic hearing evaluations, aural rehabilitation through the use of hearing devices, and tinnitus management.

Dr. Hamlett and his wife Shelbi Hamlett are both “Big Country” natives from Anson. Together they have Three children: Kinsler, Kennedi and Kove. They are active members of SouthSide Baptist Church where they volunteer in the children’s ministry.

“I love what I do and am honored to serve my friends and community! I have always been fascinated with communication and the relational aspects of how we interact with our world. I get to help patients on a daily basis overcome hearing difficulties and reconnect with their family and the world around them. We will never be able to recreate the complex and brilliantly designed hearing system that God has given us, but with the help of modern hearing aid technology and the skills of years of education and professional experience as a doctor of audiology, we can give patients the best opportunity to refine their hearing and engage in the world again.”

Abilene Audiology Co.

At Abilene Audiology Co., we specialize in diagnosing, treating, and managing hearing disorders. Our services include personalized hearing tests and fitting/dispensing of hearing aids. We work closely with our patients to recommend the best hearing solution based on their unique needs and preferences. We also provide ongoing support and counseling on device use and care to ensure optimal hearing outcomes.