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Hearing Aid Products | Abilene, TX

Hearing is often taken for granted until something bad happens. Thankfully, a wide range of hearing aid products and hearing protection exist to help you hear better for longer.

The best way to protect and improve your hearing is to talk with an audiologist. Audiologists help individuals understand and address their specific hearing needs.

Abilene Audiology CO. provides hearing aids and products that play a crucial role in helping people with hearing loss improve their hearing ability and enjoy a better quality of life.

Hearing Aid Products: Check the Brands

Abilene Audiology Co. works with top hearing aid brands and manufacturers to give residents of Abilene, TX access to a wide range of hearing solutions for hearing loss.

Custom Hearing Protection

Custom ear protection is a popular solution for individuals who require ear protection in a variety of occupational or recreational settings.

Custom earplugs are very useful for individuals who are regularly exposed to high levels of noise. Swimmers, divers, or hunters can benefit from custom earplugs.

At Abilene Audiology Co. we offer many options to help protect your hearing including both “Active” and “Passive” options.

Active hearing protection brings in an electrical and processing component that allows for more normal communication while wearing and shuts down to provide protection when a loud sound occurs like a gun shot.

Passive hearing protection provides the same level of noise reduction at all times while wearing.

Soundgear by Starkey Hearing offers many options for both Active and Passive hearing protection including both custom and generic fit. There are even options for rechargeable and bluetooth streaming.

Custom earplugs can be made from silicone, vinyl, or acrylic.

While there are generic earplugs readily available in retail or drug stores, custom earplugs offer more benefits than the former because they are more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Custom earplugs are also specifically created for the unique ear shape of the wearer. You can also expect better noise reduction, as they create a tight seal in the ear canal.

Custom ear protection is a great solution for individuals who need ear protection in various environments. They provide an effective and comfortable way of protecting the ears from noise, water, and other external sources of damage.

Custom Ear Molds

Custom ear molds can be used to create custom earplugs to provide a secure and comfortable fit. There are also custom ear molds specifically made for musicians.

Custom ear molds for musicians can efficiently lower the volume of sound, while still allowing the musician to hear the music and their own voices clearly. This helps prevent tinnitus and hearing damage, which are common issues experienced by musicians.

Hearing Aid Products: Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are devices that can help improve communication. ALDs can be used in classrooms, public spaces, and conferences to reduce the effects of background noise and enhance speech understanding.

ALDs come in different forms including personal amplifiers, loop systems, and FM systems.

An audiologist can help determine the best hearing aid or ALD depending on specific hearing needs and concerns. An audiologist will initially conduct a hearing evaluation to determine the type and extent of hearing loss and make recommendations for appropriate ALDs as necessary.

It is worth noting that ALDs should not be used as a substitute for hearing aids or cochlear implants. Instead, they are designed to supplement improvement in communication in specific listening situations.

ALDs can be especially helpful for people with hearing aids or cochlear implants who may find it challenging to understand speech in noisy environments.

Hearing Aid Products in Abilene, TX

Hearing loss can significantly impact your quality of life, which is why we are committed to helping you refine and perfect your hearing. We offer a wide range of hearing aid products and audiology services in Abilene, TX.

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Our approach to caring for people with communication difficulties is centered on mutual respect for the individual and their specific needs.
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