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VA Hearing Aids

VA Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is a common issue among military veterans, and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers hearing aid assistance as part of their healthcare benefits to eligible veterans. Veterans who are interested in acquiring VA hearing aids need to follow several steps and submit requirements so they can receive appropriate hearing healthcare.

How to apply for VA hearing aids

  1. Establish eligibility for VA healthcare: This can be done by filling out an application and providing documentation of military service. 
  2. Schedule an appointment with a VA audiologist: Once eligibility is established, an appointment with a VA audiologist should be set for a hearing evaluation. The hearing evaluation will determine if the veteran would benefit from hearing aids.
  3. Hearing aid selection: If the audiologist determines that hearing aids are necessary, the veteran will then be fitted with hearing aids. The VA offers a wide selection of hearing aid models from various manufacturers. The selection will depend on the veteran’s hearing needs and preferences.
  4. Follow-up appointments: Once the hearing aids are fitted, the veteran will receive instructions on how to use and care for the device. Follow-up appointments may be scheduled to ensure that the hearing aids are functioning properly over time. 

VA Hearing Aids: Can you see a local provider? 

Yes, it is possible to receive hearing healthcare from a local provider through the VA program called Community Care Network. This allows eligible veterans to receive healthcare services from community providers when VA facilities are far from the veteran’s location or if they are unable to provide timely care. 

Veterans must meet specific eligibility requirements and receive authorization from the VA before receiving care from a community provider. This option offers flexibility for veterans who may not be able to access VA facilities easily.

Who can qualify for VA hearing aids? VA service-connected disability and compensation for hearing loss 

Veterans who have a service-connected disability for hearing loss may be eligible for compensation from the VA. In order to qualify for compensation, the hearing loss must have occurred or progressed during military service. 

The level of compensation depends on the severity of the hearing loss. Veterans may be required to undergo regular evaluations to determine their current level of disability. 

The VA determines eligibility and level of compensation based on the evidence provided by the veteran along with other necessary medical examinations.

Auditory Processing Disorder Among Veterans 

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is a condition wherein the brain has difficulty processing sounds. APD can cause difficulty following directions, understanding speech in noisy environments, and distinguishing between similar sounds. APD is frequently associated with hearing loss, but it can also occur independently.

APD is a common issue among combat veterans, particularly those who have been exposed to loud noises. The symptoms of APD can make it difficult for veterans to communicate effectively, which can affect their daily lives and relationships.

The VA offers diagnostic evaluations for APD and may provide treatment options such as auditory training, assistive listening devices, or counseling. 

Hyperacusis Among Veterans

Hyperacusis is a condition wherein sounds that are ordinary and tolerable to most people become uncomfortably loud or even painful for the affected person. Hyperacusis is often associated with hearing loss and can be caused by head injury, exposure to loud noise, or certain medical conditions.

Hyperacusis can be a significant problem for veterans, particularly those who have been exposed to loud noise during military service. The VA offers diagnostic evaluations for hyperacusis and may provide treatment options such as counseling, sound therapy, or medication. 

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